The Effects of Cigars and Pipes

Caleb Hull

Facts About Cigars

-Cigars are wrapped in tobacco leaves.

-Cigars contain 100-200 miligrams of nictotine.

-Cigars contain 5 to 17 grams of tobacco which is the same amount as an entire pack of cigarettes.

-Cigars can vary in prices from $25-$100 for one cigar.

-Cigars take 1-2 hours to smoke when a cigarette takes 2-3 minutes.

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Facts about Pipes

-With pipes you can attach filters too the end of them to change the flavor you get from the tobacco.

-Pipes can range in prices from just $8 to almost $200.

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The effects

Cigars and Cigarettes are not as bad as cigarettes due to the fact that you don't inhale. With cigarettes you inhale all the way to your lungs but you still have health risk's. Such as Loss of teeth, throat cancer, heart disease, oral cancer, and even lung cancer. What makes cigars and pipes a some what "healthier" substitute for smoking is their a not as many harmful chemicals in them and that you don't inhale the smoke, but even if its not as bad you should not smoke at all.
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