Mooresville Graded School District

A glimpse at the good stuff happening in our schools!

Welcome Spring!

Happy Spring, Mooresville Graded School District! As we wrap up the third quarter and welcome the Spring season, MGSD is busy continuing to challenge our students throughout the district in a variety of ways. From math to art to engineering, it is happening right here in our public school system. Make sure to ask your students what they are learning in class or how they are enjoying the extra-curricular activities they are involved in this season. And, of course, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us! :-)

Growing Mathematicians at PVES!

Our Park View Patriots are using CPA to meet everyone's math needs! C = Concrete P=Pictorial A=Abstract... and when you put them all together it means some really smart Patriots!

Parades and Leprechauns are everywhere at RRES!

Rocky River Elementary school has been busy with Read Across America AND trapping leprechauns! Say what? Check out the video to learn more! :-)

South Stars Raise Money with their Fun Run!

The South Stars raised $30,000 with their Fun Run to use toward a new playground structure! While this is a big win for South, Dr. Cottone made some interesting promises to the students if they reached their goals... Think Fear Factor, lunch, and then watch the video to see how Dr. Cottone has to pay up! Great job, South Stars!

Gardening is a Science at EMIS

Sometimes the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. East Mooresville Intermediate School started a 5th Grade garden with the help of “Harvest Organics," a local company in Mooresville. Teachers and students are using the garden to teach and learn math and science concepts. What a great way to kick off the Spring!

MIS Partners with the Dove House for Student Safety Education

Fifth grade students at Mooresville Intermediate School participated in an intervention program called "Safety First,” offered by the Dove House of Iredell County. It was designed to help students know what is safe and not safe as related to their own bodies. It also touched on Internet and Social Media Safety. Thank you to the Dove House and Ms. Allegra Hope for providing this awesome opportunity for our students! ​

MMS Masking Tape Murals

Mooresville Middle School art students have been making masking tape murals to brighten up their school. Fostering creativity and partaking in art are important for developing the whole child and successful students!

Engineering III Students work on Device for California Company

Mr. Bridges' Engineering III class is working with a California company on developing and receiving a patent for a device that will contain water when watering trees. Once completed, the company will share proceeds from the sale of the device to our MHS Skills USA team! Stay tuned for updates on the finished product!

Superheroes don't have to wear capes!

We all can be a hero! Watch this short video about being an UPstander, not just a bystander!

If You See Something, Say Something

MGSD has placed the See Something, Say Something graphic and link on each school's website homepage, as well as the district's Parent and Students page. Please use this form to report any bullying, dangerous, or other suspicious or potentially harmful behavior. Of course, if you feel there is imminent danger, contact the police department. Thank you for helping keep our students safe!