John Cabot

by:Brooke Frederick


Cabot went to Bristol to make the preparations for the voyage. Bristol was the second largest seaport in England, and during the years of 1480 onwards several expeditions had been sent out to look for Hy-Brazil, an island said to lie somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean according to Celtic legends.

John Cabots name

Cabots birthplace is in Italy in Italian he is known today as Giovanni Caboto, in English John Cabot, in French Jean Cabot, and in Spanish Juan Caboto. Born in 1450 and died in 1499. He may have been born slightly earlier than 1450, witch is the approximate date most commonly given for his birth.

Early life

John Cabot appears in the Venetian records in 1471 when he was accepted into the religious confratemity of St.John the Evangelist. Since this was one of the city's prestigious confratemities, this suggest that he was already a respected member of the community. Following Cabots acquisition of full Venetian citizenship became eligible to engage in maritime trade, including the trade to the eastern Mediterranean which was the source of much of Venice's wealth.

known for

John Cabot was known for being the first European since the vikings to explore the mainland of North America and the first to search for the Northwest passage.


the first Canadian flag.

First Voyage