Spectral Evidence

What is it?

Spectral evidence is a witness's testimony that accused a person's spirit was in another person's body. Evidence was accepted because they thought devils and minions were strong enough to send evil spirits towards people and there wasn't enough evidence to gain convictions.
During the Salem witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. 19 men and women were hung, and 165 were accused. When spectral evidence was used, most confessions were given under torture, supposed eye witness testimony, and physical inspections of thy accused. During some court trials, the accusers claimed to see specters inside the courtroom. As more and more accusations were being made, jails filled and people confessed to being witches under torture to save their lives.
Spectral evidence was hard to prove, therefore court cases prior to the Salem Witch trials seldom used spectral evidence. Spectral evidence was not good because it was dependent on the witness and judge.