Digestive and Excretory system

Read this to learn about the Digestive and Excretory system

The Digestive System

The digestive system, eats the food that gives you energy to do some of your daily activities. It breaks the food down into nutrients and absorbs them into your blood. The digestive system process begins in the mouth where you chew the food. Next the food is then swallowed and goes down you esophagus. Then into your stomach where it turns into nutrients. This provides your body with energy that fuels your activities. Finally into you small and large intestines, the food passes into the small intestines into your bloodstream. The food that can’t be digested is put into the larger intestine, where the water is moved into the bloodstream. Think of this process as you being on the battlefield, you are all out of supplies. Then, a truck comes with food and water. You've been saved. The digestive system is that truck and your body is the soldier.

The Excretory System

The excretory system helps our bodies rid of the waste our digestive system cannot use.

Like peeing or `pooping.

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