Helen Edwards Friday Focus

Friday, May 5, 2016


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Thank you for all the

Hours you spend

Attention you give,

Needs that you tend,

Knowledge you bestow,

You go beyond and above,

Offering guidance

Unconditional love,

Time you spend planning,

Efforts you make,

Activating learning,

Chances you take.

Helping all students,

Each and every day,

Recognizing differences,

Strengthening their way.

Attitudes of gratitude,

Nurturing care given,

Devotion to the multitude,

Serving our students,

Teamwork with a smile,

Astounding improvements,

For students you've made,

Fantabulous teacher and staff are you!!!

Ok, so clearly I didn't write that myself, but I mean every word. Hope you have felt extra special this week and see how much we truly appreciate what you do each and every day. Take 45 minutes out of your busy schedule to sit down and enjoy your lunch with each other. It's very rare that we get to share a meal with our school family, so take advantage of every minute and eat together today! Krystal and I will be there enjoying lunch with YOU!!

~Mark Your Calendar~


10-12: SST

11: Field Trip for GT students

11: School Nurse Day

12: HS Field Trip to Zoo

13: Lunch & Learn @ 11:00

16: May & June Birthday tables

17: Volunteer Luncheon

18: July Birthday table

18: LPAC Committee Meeting & Retirement Party for Roberts & Ross

19: Pre-K / HS Field Day

20: Kinder Field Day

23: Green Hall Kinder Graduation @ 9:30 (Willis Pod) & 1:00 (H Pod)

24: Red Hall Kinder Graduation @ 9:30 (Trollinger Pod) & 1:00 (Marcellus Pod)

25: Pre-K / HS FUN Day

26: Kinder FUN Day

27: Last day of school for students, PARTY DAY!

31: Staff work day / EOY district meeting at 1:00 (we will all ride on a bus together)

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

May 11: Rachell Murr

May 17: Michelle Rigney

May 19: Paula Morley

Pledge of the Week.....Mrs. Willis' Class!!!