Traveling the Trail

Many bad things happend to the Wagon trains as they were traveling on the Oregon trail

Indians attacked the wagon trains. Food and water were always scarce. Travelers always encountered contaminated water holes. They fell from the wagons and got crushed by the wagon wheels.They also died from many diseases, such as small pox. Many also died from drinking really bad water. In rivers there were hidden holes, when ox's put there foot in the holes the wagon would tip over.
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Pioneers were really busy on the Oregon trail

The men mostly played dice or cards. Some Pioneers thought playing dice or cards was sinful. Even playing chess was wicked. They went to bed early and got up early. Little fuel for fires. People would plow, quilt, milk cows and carry water.

There were many challanges for Pioneers on the Oregon trail.

A big problem was crossing rivers on the Wagon. Also making big decisions. Another problem was going past Indians. Pioneers got badly hurt. Some didn't even survive the Indians. Some people did not have the right supplies for the Oregon trail.