Online Safety!

Traveling the Internet safeley for kids

By Rebecca Bromelmeier

Always ask an Adult First!

When getting ready to travel the World Wide Web, always make sure you have a parent or teachers permission first. Then, they can help you get to where you need to go. Remember, exploring is fun, but if an adult says that you must stay on the page they pulled up for you, you must listen to them!

The internet is a wonderful way to connect with people, learn new things, and play fun games!

Think then Click

Remember when your are on the internet, that is a privilege. If you follow the rules and make good decisions you can keep using it. However if you ignore the rules, you can lose your right to surf the web! The following picture provides us with important rules we should know before getting on the internet.

Keep It Private!

Your personal information is YOUR personal information so do not share it with others! Just like you wouldn't tell your friends you bike lock's combination, you would never tell and online friend your name, address or phone number, and if any one asks for that information, go get an adult immediately.
WWW - Kids Song (Explore the web) The Polkadots

Exploring the Web with the Polkadots

This song teaches children how large the internet is and all the wonderful things you can discover by using it. Now that we have learned a little bit on internet safety we can explore the internet together!