Native American Masks


Masks are something normally worn on the face, for many different purposes. They could be worn for performance, entertainment, disguises, and most of the time for protection. Native American masks were used at ceremonies. They were also just given as gifts. Theses masks represent animals most of the time. They can also depict important people within the clan or tribe. In many tribes, it is believed that each clan or tribe has descended from a animal. They are made from whatever is available at the time, whether that be wood, grass, beeswax, feathers, beads.

Mask Stylization

The main characteristics are animal characteristics. There is also a lot of texture, form, shape, and color. I notice how much they strive for the animal look, and what they use for the masks seem to come from animals themselves. I would describe this style as pretty awesome. Very shamanistic in style. Always seem to look towards the Earth for their masks.

My Opinion

I personally like these kind of masks. I like the honor the ancestors feel that these give off. I did not know that each clan/ tribe thought that they descended from animals, which makes more sense after looking at their style of art. I also like that they used whatever they had to make these. It did not have to be something fancy to be considered acceptable.