Give it Up. Pay it Forward.

help others this holiday season

Here's how to help!

The holidays are a time for giving and the National Honor Society would like to challenge you to GIVE IT UP and PAY IT FORWARD this holiday season.

What does that mean? It's simple. We're asking you to give something up in your everyday lives that has a monetary value and pay it forward to a local charity.

Give up your cell phone for a couple of hour! After doing the math, a cell phone costs you about 16 cents per hour. If you give up your phone for two hours, pay it forward - 33 cents!

Give up Dunkin' Donuts coffee one day. It's only $2.17. Give up a candy bar or soda from the store. No matter what you give, every little bit counts.

With the money we all raise, National Honor Society will be donating to Open Hands in Claremont.

Open Hands ia non-profit organization that serves food to the community on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. NHS members will be coming around during Flex period to collect donations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a National Honor Society member how you can help!