Google apps

Describing how to use them

Google Mail

Google Mail is a piece of software that is online and you use it to email people that you are friends with or it could be used for business, you can use Google Mail by going to this web address and its very easy to set up all you need to do is sign up for it using email address that is associated with Google which is gmail and once you have signed up for it you can start emailing away.

Google Calender

Google Calendar is a piece of software that manages your events that you have planned for example if you have planned to go on holiday then you can put it on Google Calender and you will know when you are about to go on holiday because when you look on it, it will tell you when you are going and how long for if you have done it in this way. You can set the layout of the calender in different types of layouts, you can set it by day, week, month, 4 days and agenda, all of these layouts are very helpful for example the month layout gives you each month and in separate tile and in each day of the month it keeps you the information that you have saved on the calender. The web address for Google Calender is

Google Drive

Google Drive is a place where everything is stored that you have created, for example if you create a Google Docs file then it will be saved on Google Drive for easy access anywhere, anytime so this means that you don't need to carry it on a USB stick (like you would if you created it on Microsoft Word) you can just go on to and get it on there and show it to anyone you like, it's just so simple and easy why bother fusing around putting it on a USB or searching for it for ages when you can just go on Google Drive and it will be all there before your eyes.


Google+ is like Facebook, you can follow your favorite things for example what music you like or what sports team you like and all the news that they post will be there and you can just search them to read it or it may appear on the homepage of Google+ and you can comment, like and share the post just like Facebook but it's on Google and its very simple and easy to use you just click the button to comment, like and share. The web address for Google+ is