Principal's Newsletter

From the Desk of Ms. Clark

September 19, 2019

Dear Parents,

“A traveler, hiking through the wilderness, came to the edge of a canyon. Seeking a way to the other side, he discovered a big rope stretched across the canyon. As his eyes followed the rope toward the other side, he was surprised to see a man coming toward him confidently pushing a wheelbarrow. As he arrived, the traveler exclaimed, “That was truly amazing!” The man with the wheelbarrow asked, “Do you believe that I can do it again?” “Oh, of course,” the traveler replied. “You walked across with such confidence.” “Do you really believe I can do it again?” asked the man with the wheelbarrow.” “Definitely,” replied the traveler. “Very good, then,” said the man with the wheelbarrow. “Hop in and I will take you across.”

Many of us look at God the same way we look at the man with the wheelbarrow. We say we have faith that God can do anything. Yet, when it comes time to get in the wheelbarrow, our faith begins to dwindle.

Are we relentless in our pursuit of Him? Or, do we stand at the edge of the canyon wishing we could get across? Having experienced so many of God’s promises, surely we can trust Him to carry us across this tightrope we call life.”

As our season quickly changes, let us simply look around to see the signs of God’s good works: the beauty of a cool morning, the goodness and kindness of our school community, and the trust of young children. Let us work together as we carry our faith into our school, homes, neighborhoods, and our world!

It was so nice to see and meet many of you at our Back to School Nights last week. Like I said at these meetings, we appreciate your support and commitment to Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School. May God continue to help us to follow His example of unconditional love!

God’s blessings,

Ms. Clark

Ice Cream Social- Tonight

We look forward to seeing you tonight at our annual “Welcome Back Ice Cream Social” from 6:30-8pm.

Service Jean Day- Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

We will have our first Service Jean Day tomorrow- Friday, 9/19. Students may dress down for a donation of $1 or more. Our 8th grade will be collecting for those who experienced the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

Saint Bede's Forty Hours Devotion

Saint Bede the Venerable Church will hold its annual Forty-Hours Devotion beginning Sunday, September 29th. On October 1st, we will have the solemn closing of Forty Hours with a Procession. All students are strongly encouraged to attend the procession. All students are to be in uniform and meet in Room 205.

High School Night- Save the Date

We are excited to host a High School Night for our students and their parents! Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 23rd from 6:30-8pm. Representatives from private and Archdiocesan high schools will be present to guide you as you plan for this next step in your child's educational journey. More information will be sent home soon.

Student Safety First

IMPORTANT- When arriving to school in the morning, all cars and buses MUST enter the entrance by the Saint Katharine Drexel School Sign and exit through the driveway closest to the church. No car or bus will be permitted to enter through the driveway closest to the church.

Please enter the morning drop-off car line with caution. The morning drop off is an express line; parents may not stop and get out of their cars. Students must exit from the PASSENGER SIDE only. Students MUST be ready to exit the car once pulling into the car line drop-off in order to eliminate back-up traffic. DO NOT DRIVE OUT OF THE CAR LINE. PLEASE WAIT FOR THE LINE TO MOVE SLOWLY TO EXIT.

If you need to bring your child into the school building, you MUST park your car in the front of the school and enter through the main school entrance. You must report to the office. No cars are permitted to park or idle in front of the school in the fire lane.


School Hours are from 8:15am to 2:45PM and 8:30am to 2:30pm for our Pre-Kindergarten. Please call the school office and leave your child’s name and room number on the attendance line if your child is going to be absent for the day. If the absence is not reported to the office by 9am, a phone call will be made to confirm an absence.

Late Arrivals

After 8:15am, your child is considered late. Parent and child must report to the school office and sign a late arrival form. Children will not be admitted into school late without a parent present, so please do not just drop your child off at the front school door.

Please make every effort to get your child to school on time. This teaches our students respect and courtesy along with an understanding of the importance of being on time. When a child is late, it disrupts the morning routines of the classroom and often the child becomes overwhelmed.

Early Dismissal

If your child must leave school before the end of the school day, an early dismissal form must be completed and sent to the homeroom teacher in the morning. Parents are to come to the school office to pick up their child for dismissal.

Important Papers

Even though we are paperless, some documents are required to be sent home. Your child will be coming home with some important information during the first week of school. These documents must be completed and returned to school with your child. This will include: Student Emergency Information Form, Medical Forms, Handbook Agreement, and Milk and Pretzel orders. Please be sure to check your child’s folder for this information.

Health and Wellness Policy Reminder

In accordance with the Archdiocese Wellness Policy, the Council Rock School District, and our school health committee, no food/candy treats will be allowed at school for birthday celebrations.

SKD Annual Golf Outing

SKD School’s Annual Golf Outing at Northampton Valley Country Club, Richboro, PA will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2019. We hope you will join us for this enjoyable day! Specific information iwill be sent home soon!

Parent Association Weekly Update

Please click on the link below for news from our dedicated Parent Association.

Free Money for Our School

Please be sure to participate in the following to help raise "free" money for our school:

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Giant Rewards
  • Smile Amazon
  • NEW this year- Shoparoo

Important Dates to Remember

9/19: Ice Cream Social 6:30-8pm

9/20: Service Jean Day

9/24: The Conservation Caper Assembly for Grades K-6

9/26: "Good Time" Ticket Jean Day

9/27: SKD Spirit Jean Day

9/28: Northampton Days Festival

9/29: Saint Bede's Forty Hours Begins

9/30: Community Homeroom

10/1: Grade 3 Class Trip / Closing of Saint Bede's Forty Hours

10/2: NO SCHOOL, Teacher PD Day

10/4: Mass 9am / NJHS Installation

10/10: School Pictures

10/12: SKD Golf Outing

10/14: NO SCHOOL

Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School is to form Catholic leaders through academic excellence, personal discipline, and Christian service.