Earth's Magnetic Field

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Try to imagine an imaginary layer that surrounds our planet. Well if you don’t know, it's earth’s magnetic field! Earth’s invisible magnetic field is also known as the geomagnetic field. It is a field (not the field that we play soccer on) that can’t be seen and has a huge magnetic force. It protects us from the solar particles which are coming from the sun which is technically the solar wind.You will learn more about this as you read on. Now you will learn more about earth’s magnetic field.


Scientists believe that the magnetic field is generated from the earth’s inner core. It is generated by geodynamo and is a mix of iron and nickel. The geodynamo is the motion of molten rock ( in earth’s case ).The core is two thirds the size of the moon and is made of iron. According to the iron is around 5,700oC hot. That is as hot as the sun’s surface! Do you think that hot iron will melt? Well it won’t because the crushing pressure caused by gravity prevents it from becoming liquid. The outer core which is surrounding the inner core has a 2,000km thick layer of iron. In the outer core the pressure is lower than the inner core which means the metal in the outer core is fluid. The flow of the liquid makes electric currents, in turn they produce the magnetic field.

Affect To Earth:

The magnetic field makes lots of things occur on earth that is interesting. For example there is the Aurora Borealis which in an other names is the northern lights which can occur in the north pole that's why it’s called the NORTHERN Lights. There is also the Bermuda Triangle where there has been lots of trouble in the past 70 years. It has a huge magnetic force that can make huge waves and pull ships or planes to the ocean floor. This often occurs in that mysterious triangle! The magnetic field protects us from solar winds that come from the sun that makes the Aurora Borealis present itself. Interesting right?


The magnetic field has different parts. There is the core where it's generated from. Then there is the outer core which helps the inner core generate this invisible magnetic field.There is itself the magnetic field. I will also include the magnetotail because it's not technically part of the magnetic field it only occurs when the solar wind comes to the field, then there will be created a magnetotail on the opposite side the solar wind comes from.

Aurora Borealis:

The Aurora Borealis is an effect from the field it starts like this. The sun has an atmosphere that is composed of hydrogen made of protons and electrons. These particles boiling off at high speed is called the solar wind. The solar wind is always pushing on the field which is changing its shape. The field on the side of the sun is called the magnetosphere. The opposite side which the solar wind is pushing on is called the magnetotail. It’s like when the wind is blowing and something is hanging from somewhere, it’s like it’s flying in the air and there is a tail which is pointing the direction the wind is blowing.

Now back to the topic. When the solar wind presses on the field, it creates energy. In the magnetosphere energy is building up. The solar particles that are entering the magnetotail move back towards the sun. Under the conditions of the built up pressure from the wind, creates electric volts between the magnetic poles and the magnetotail. The high voltage pushes the electrons toward the magnetic poles at high speed. The huge number of electrons pushed down into the upper layer of the atmosphere (gases surrounding the earth or another planet)is called the ionosphere. In the atmosphere the electrons collide with the gas atoms. The collision makes energy that produces light and more electrons. The gases of the ionosphere plow and conduct electric currents into the polar regions. And there you go, the Aurora Borealis is made!


So as I told you before the Magnetic field can also be known as the geomagnetic field. I hope it was interesting and you learned a lot about the Earth’s Magnetic Field. My favorite part was sharing it with you guys, what was yours? You can comment about that. Thank you for reading my awesome writing, have a good rest of your life.


  • Earth’s inner core= the center of the earth that is very hot

  • Aurora Borealis= these are lights that occur in the north pole

  • Voltage= voltage is a measure in electricity

  • Magnetotail= the tail of earth’s magnetic field

  • Electron= this is a particle that has a negative charge

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