Walter Mitty's secret life

Noah Silva


The author of the story Walter MItty descibes Mitty by using strong context clues. For example

Claim 1

First, Walter Mitty Is treated very disrespectfuly. For example his own wife tereats him very baddly and does not care what Mitty feels and his emotions. Another example is that everyone treats him rudly when they yell at him because he has messed up and pushes him around.
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Claim 2

Second, Mitty acts like a big coward which gives people the mood that he is easy to push around. One example is that he dosent stand up for him self when others talk to him ruddly he is very passive which in these situations isnt the best thing to do. Another example is that he does what ever he is told with out saying something about it or suggesting what he thinks may be right.
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Claim 3

Lastly, Mitty lacks self confedince. One Example is that he dosent act confedint when others tell him that he is wrong he just agrees with everthing that is told to him or about him he dosent get his feelings out. Another example is that he walks around and dosent say hi to other people beacuse he thinks that nobody likes him which is that main reason why he day dreams all the time to get through the day.
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To conclude these were few of many context clues that described Walter MItty the best in this story