S'mores Flyer

By: Michaela Stump

Before the Interview

You should research the job, and practice what your going to say before you go into the interview.

During the Interview

During the interview you should shake their hand, show up 5-10 min early, and bring an extra resume just in case, and you could ask what a day on the job could look like.

5 common Interview Questions

1. What is your greatest weakness? -tip- explain how it might not relate to the job

2. Why did you change jobs? -tip- Say something nice about previous employment

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? -tips- Add the job into your later life

4. What is your greatest strength? -tip- Explain how it goes with the job

5. Why do you want this job?- tip- explain how it will benefit them to have you

After the interview

After the interview tell them thank you for their time, shake their hand again, and tell them when it would be best to contact you if you got the job.

Dress for the interview


  • Suit and tie
  • or button up shirt
  • dress pants
  • not to much aftershave


  • Dress or skirt
  • no jeans
  • avoid lots of jewelry
  • Light perfume

Interview Don'ts

  • Don't make negative statements about previous employers
  • Don't make them think your just interested in the salary
  • Don't be unprepared
  • Don't chew gum or smell like smoke