• The prize, of one hundred and fifty pounds, is offered annually for a scholarly, peer-reviewed article of high quality in any of the disciplinary and geographical areas which fall within the BASEES remit. The term ‘article’ can be taken to include a chapter in an edited volume.

  • The author of the nominated article must be registered as a postgraduate at a higher education institution at the time the final version of the article is approved for publication, and after the editorial process is complete and all revisions have taken place. Written evidence of this must be provided in the form of a letter from the editor. Proof of postgraduate status must also be supplied.

  • Articles nominated for consideration must be of a scholarly character and constitute original research. They must be in English, and must have received final acceptance for publication within the 12 months of the calendar year preceding the annual closing date for nominations.

  • The article must be of no fewer than 5,000 words and no more than 15,000 words in length.

  • Co-authored articles may be nominated, provided that they are accompanied by clarification of the input of the postgraduate student (this does not apply if all of the co-authors are postgraduate students).

  • The authors of the nominated article must at the time of nomination be members or associate members of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies. It is the responsibility of the nominator to check the BASEES membership status of potential nominees and ensure that membership is in place prior to nomination. Nominations of non-members will not be considered.

  • Awards will be made by a jury whose membership will be approved by the Executive Committee of the Association, and which will normally consist of two members of the committee.

  • The jury may divide the Prize equally between not more than two nominated articles in any year; or they may make no award in any year in which no article of sufficient merit presents itself.

  • Articles may be nominated by the authors, or by editors, librarians or other scholars.

  • The nominated article(s) should be supplied in electronic form and should include a cover sheet with full details of the author, including contact details, and of the article.

  • The deadline for submission of nominations shall be 15 September each year in respect of articles whose date of final acceptance is the previous calendar year. The prize is awarded (if a recommendation is made to do so) at the Association's annual conference in the spring of the calendar year following the deadline for submission of nominations.

  • Nominations should be made on the standard form for this purpose, which is available as a download from this page, and submitted to the Secretary of the Association.


British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies