20 Percenet

Sports Blog and Website


The impact of this project is mainly for me. While it can impact others because the content is meant for them and they will be the one's reading it will not likely have as large of an impact as it does on me. When I am older I am hoping to use these skills to possibly start my own sports reporting company. I have such a passion for sports and would love to have it be involved for what I do to make a living. Through this project I hope to learn how to make my own website and become a better writer doing so.


I will be creating a sports website in which I include opinionated articles about the NFL, NBA, College Basketball, and potential the MLB. It will include my opinions and stances on the topics I find most interesting and important to talk about. I was inspired by the website Bleacher Report and intend on trying to replicate their work to an extent.

Why I Chose It

I chose this idea because it is something I love and hope to do later on in my life. I hope to use the knowledge gained from this experience and hopefully use them one day to earn a living.