By: Alec Moriarty


Color: Red, Brown, Black, White

Skin: Fur

Weight: 440-660 lbs.

Top speed: 37mph

Group: Mammal

Diet: Herbivore

Prey: Leaves, Shoots, Fruit

Predators: Leopard, Human, Serval

Habitat: Dense mountain rainforest

Other names: Forest zebra, African unicorn, Atti, O'api


Nobody knew that the okapi existed until 1901. When Henry Morton Stanley found a skull and fur from this unknown creature. Now we know the odd creature as the African unicorn or the okapi. you can find this creature in dense rain forests. It has legs of a zebra body of a donkey and head of a giraffe. The okapi has a long blue tongue. It's closes relative is a giraffe. After Henry Morton Stanley found it he sent the remains of the carcass to Harry Johnston. In 2011 there were 42 different institutions display them world wide.I think this creature is real because of the pictures and Wikipedia and the internet.