By: Ella Hartung


Speed- Speed= Distance/Time and how fast something is going.

Force- A push or pull upon an object.

Inertia- Physical object to change in any state of motion.

Acceleration- Rate Change of velocity on an object.

Friction- Force resistance of relative motion of surfaces.

Momentum- Product of mass and velocity on an object.

Potential Energy- Gravity pulling downwards.

Kinetic Energy- Energy of motion.

My Procedure

  1. Pick project such as the egg car race collision
  2. Make hypothosis
  3. I got a piece of foam
  4. Cut to right size must be under maximum width and length
  5. Break half PLASTIC egg then place on foam
  6. draw around egg to make sizing right
  7. Make hole for egg to fit
  8. Make sure egg fits
  9. Find wheels to put on
  10. Hold onto wheels if you want to spray-paint
  11. If spray-painted glue Lego wheels on
  12. Put wheels on each end front and back
  13. If wheels don't fit find new ones
  14. Do it again on front wheels
  15. Test
  16. When done testing record data
  17. Test again until all testing and recording data is done
  18. Write procedure

Drawings of Egg Car

Big image
Big image


My hypothesis is that my egg will not break.

My hypothesis was.......... correct it did not break but on my first try it went out and came back in on the second try it did not fall out

What I need



Background Knowledge




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My Average Speed was 1.18

How I Averaged:

I added all my times together then divided by how many I added