Protect yourself from fruad

Akia Turner

Purchasing with a debit card

  • Never use your debit card to purchase products over the internet
  • Protect your pin number when typing it in public
  • If you ever hand your debit card to a clerk, be sure you check the name on it when you get it back


  • Risk- showing your exact location at various times of the day
  • Preventing- disable the geotagging capabilities of your smart phone before photographs are taken and posted online

Ways to protect your personal information

  • Don't carry your social security card
  • Memorize or use a difficult pin number
  • Keep personal records in secure place
  • Shred personal documents before discarding them

Jury duty

  • Scam- A person will call saying you failed to show up for jury duty and there is a warrant out for your arrest, and then to confirm this information they will ask for your full name, current mailing address, date of birth, and social security number, then they'll tell you that to end all of this all you have to do is pay a small fine with your credit card information
  • Prevent- Ask for the caller’s telephone number, name, and address so that you can check him out with your local FBI agent or Attorney General
  • If you have caller ID, compare the number the person gives you
  • Court officials will never call and ask for personal information

Signs of fruad

  • A business that has taken your money and won't return your calls
  • unfamiliar charges
  • you're denied credit
  • mail is missing
  • errors in credit report

How to be careful online

  • Look for "https" or a pic of a lock
  • Search for your name
  • Keep your username and password safe
  • Use privacy settings on social networking sites

Steps to take if you become a victim of fruad

  • Act immediately
  • Keep detail records
  • File a report with your local law enforcement
  • Report to the appropriate federal agency

Common types of fraud

  • Identity theft
  • Communications
  • Credit
  • Investment
  • Tax

Personal infomation people could use to commit fraud on you

  • Drivers license
  • Debit and credit card
  • Electronic devices
  • I.D. cards

Ways thieves access personal information

  • Stealing your purse, wallet, financial records, etc.
  • Skimming credit and debit card information
  • Diverting mail