Excaliburs United

Corporate the Tag Hae, GTO ka Swag hae !

Still Clueless with your roles so far !?

That's exactly how I want your state of mind until 'checking out' the very first team meet. Get pumped up and switch on the most creative version of yours and check in at the venue with a simple, yet powerful enough desire of being the best team in the GTO !

Team Meet 1.0

Friday, Feb. 19th, 7pm

Doctor Radha Krishnan Salai

Chennai, TN

Hey Excaliburs !

Well, why do I strongly feel that something's missing in this mailer !

Oh yeah, a classic background music of course. So, play this beautiful song just below this section while go on reading further in this 'much worked upon' mailer.

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? (Official Video)

-------Start living GT !-------

Two thing you should know about me,

  • I hate strawberry flavor for some uncanny reasons and
  • I love to create suspense and curious people for many good reasons

Having said that it becomes pretty 'obvio' a thing that I hate spoiling that suspense with so called crisp and relevant agendas, which again makes it subsequently 'obvio' for me to just reveal a 'teaser' version of the very first meet, we, as Excaliburs gonna attend together.

Excited so far ? Well, good for you more than it is for me !

Teaser :

  • An activity ( #WaitForIt )
  • Why the Hell !
  • What PAI has got for you ? ( Please submit your resignation letter if you are actually wondering what's PAI by now )
  • Flow with 'The Flow' ( Dont, you just cant guess this, so give up struggling )
  • 'Family' Planning ( #IfYouKnowWhatIMean )
  • 'Start up' Excalibur, 'Stand up' Excalibur ! ( Google the start up definition before guessing this )
  • We all are designers !
  • 'Abhi toh picture baki hae mere Dost !' ( Its just the beginning )

Well, that's the end of AIESEC's first...or rather for the sake of feeling being a 'world citizen', lemme put it as Worlds's very first objective teaser. With that very beautiful smile you have right now, I need you all to be there IN time at the venue and lets show the LC who we are and Mr. Pranav Nahar how 'Infinite' we are !

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