Malaria Vaccine

A look into GMO's in our comunity

What is a GMO?

A GMO is an organism whose gnome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there.

Innovations of malaria

A team of scientists from the John Hopkins University is making progress on developing a genetically engineered version of the malaria parasite that could act as a vaccine. These scientists altered Miskitos to produce higher than normal levels of the immune system protein, Rel2, that activates a host of anti-parasitic molecules which attack the malaria parasite.

How's it made?

First the mosquito eggs, are infected with small amounts of DNA into at they're ends. Next the new DNA will be taken up by the mosquito cells and will be cut and pasted into the mosquito genome. If it happens in the sperm/egg cells, the DNA can be passed on to their offspring. They must inject thousands of eggs to start the generation of new modified mosquitoes. If the injection was successful the would highlight the gene and see that it was turned on. They would then mate them with normal adult mosquitoes.

Has it changed the world?

No, they are still working to get more mosquitoes to reproduce and have the new gene in them. They think it will help with the problem of malaria being spread along with other genes that mosquitoes carry.

Save the Mosquitoes?!

There are many people that hate that annoying itchy bump that a mosquito creates after they bite you, however with the start of this new GMO people of the Jain religion in India are some of the few people who do not believe in harming the insects. Many people are also worried that this "cross species" of a new mosquito will alter nature since it is not a natural species. This new GMO could potentially be the beginning to ending the problem of malaria and other diseases. Many countries that can not control these types of diseases will be relieved to know that the disease can not be transferred anymore.