Español 2311

Las Noticias -(16 de enero de 2018 - 11 de mayo de 2018)

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Here are the self tests to be completed this semester! Note the change from 12 self tests to 8 self tests!

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el glosario

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02 Spanish Lesson - Indirect Object Pronouns (me, te, le, nos, *os, les)
Double Object Pronouns in Spanish - Practice #1 (intermediate)
Double Object Pronouns in Spanish - Practice #2 (intermediate)
Double Object Pronouns in Spanish (intermediate)
02 Spanish Lesson - preterite vs imperfect (part 1)
02 Spanish Lesson - Preterite vs Imperfect (part 2)
Preterite Vs Imperfect Song! (Cielito Lindo)
02 Pedir, Servir and Traer in the Preterite
01059 Spanish Lesson - Hace + [time] + que

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