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Shaping today’s youth to become right now leaders

a 501(c)(3) organization, creates and supports programs which directly achieves positive outcomes for underrepresented students by improving high school graduation rates and college acceptance through educational enrichment activities, internships, mentoring, community engagement, leadership development and parental involvement.

Leadership Helps Students Learn the Importance of Balancing A Checkbook

On Saturday, October 14th, at the University of Maryland L.E.E.P Scholars and visiting students attended monthly leadership session to learn about features and costs associated with checking accounts. Students learned about overdraft protection options and how to record and calculate checking account transactions which include debit cards, checks, transfers, fees, and deposits.

Real-life transactions were learned through playing a game while keeping a running balance in a check register and keeping track of their money. Scholars will continue to learn and compare the features and costs of specific checking accounts offered by four different financial institutions and decide which choice is best for each given fictional character.

At the completion of the three part Financial Literacy Series, L.E.E.P To College will issue the necessary funds to begin a checking and savings account. Throughout the year, students will be given opportunities to earn money to deposit into accounts. Included in the series topics on tax and investments, and budgeting will be featured during upcoming leadership sessions. For more information on upcoming session, please visit our website https://www.leeptocollegefoundation.org/upcoming-events/

We Are Calling on You! We Need You

We are looking for L.E.E.P Scholars who are interested in writing articles, taking pictures, and coordinating our social media! Community Service hours and small stipend will be given. Only serious students need to apply!

If you are interested, email Lisa at lrowe@leeptocollegefoundation.org

Mentors make a difference and mentoring matters! Recruitment is well on the way...we are currently recruiting college students and adult professionals to our L.E.E.P2College and Bridge2College Mentoring Programs. For more information on our programs please visit our website https://www.leeptocollegefoundation.org/mentor-application/ or contact, Gale Stewart at gstewart@leeptocollegefoundation,org

Volunteers are needed for our upcoming College is Just A Walk Away 5K! Please email Lisa at lrowe@leeptocollegefoundation.org. We are also in need of walkers and runners to help raise funds for the cause, register today https://www.eventbrite.com/e/college-is-just-a-walk-away-5k-walkrun-tickets-28374579130

All parents, community partners, and friends come and join the fun. Put your gifts and talents to work and make a difference. We are looking for volunteers to join our Fundraising and Development Committee, contact Rhonda McKnight for more information, rmcknight@leeptocollegefoundation.org

Featuring Our Donors and Supporters

Beginning next week we will feature our donors and supporters! We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support in time, money, and your leadership. We are blessed knowing that you care for each of the students we serve in our programs.

It is never too late to give. We are collecting gift cards to send our College Scholars as a token of encouragement and love. If you would like to make a donation towards this effort please click here or you may send your gift cards to our L.E.E.P office in a card, along with word of encouragement, 9701 Apollo Drive, Suite 100, Largo, Maryland 20774.


Sponsor a High School Senior or College Student and send cards, donations for college application fees, and care packages directly to one of our L.E.E.P scholars. Please email Gale for further details, gstewart@leeptocollegefoundation.org