Juan Peron

By: Sean Gilmartin

Physical Characteristics

-6 feet tall and strongly built

-Dark Hair

-Brown eyes

-Has a great amount of power

What he did

-He calculated to provide better economic and social benefits, Peron was very intelligent.

-He also adopted anti-United States and anti-British position.

-He reshaped the country and he brought needed benefits to industrial workers in form of wage increases and fringe benefits. Many advancements were brought when Juan Peron was in power.

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Personal Skills and Qualities

-Excelled in sports because of his athletic ability. He participated in fencing, boxing, and skiing.

-No problems adapting to military discipline as he got accepted into it in 1911.

-He was a very confident in what he was involved in.

Personal History

-Peron requested for himself only the minor post of secretary of labour and social welfare.

-He became minister of war and then Vice President. Clearly he was bidding for undisputed power.

-But he was overthrown and fled to Paraguay on Sept. 19, 1955, after an army-navy revolt led by democratically inspired officers who reflected growing popular discontent with inflation, and corruption.

-Juan Peron was investing his time in a secret police campaign.

Juan Peron - Hero of Argentina

Extended Paragraph

Juan Peron truly showed dictatorial qualities throughout his rule. For instance he was not very trustworthy with his decisions even though he came off very loyal. An example would be when he came up with the secret police to take out his opponents. That right there is a honest characteristic of a dictator. Believe it or not, he was actually kind of a backstabber. People thought he was such a wonderful leader but really he was actually brutal even though he helped to shape some of Argentina back into place.

Journal Entry

Even though you could classify Peron as a dictator he did have quite a legacy. He did, in fact, help to rebuild structures and such in Argentina. He helped out socially and economically. The government actually did improve a good amount. Stuff was coming together until he was put into exile. But due to his negative qualities it is very hard to say he had a positive impact on this country as a whole.

EQ: Was Juan Peron a positive leader for Argentina?

The answer to that question, in my opinion, is no he was more on the negative side. Due to his idea of secret police that would exterminate people brutally gives it all away. When you lie to your country, right there is a dead giveaway, in my opinion, that shows dictatorial qualities.