American Labor Movement and Unions

Jesse Tway

John D. Rockefeller

Rockefeller was born 1839 and died 1937. John Rockefeller was involved in the oil industry. When he started out Rockefeller bought into a oil refinery in 1863. This oil refinery was out of Cleveland Ohio. The out come of Rockefeller oil refinery was standard oil. Rockefeller standard oil is still used today. By being the first person to come up with this oil Rockefeller made a lot of money. Before he got out of the oil business Rockefeller owned 90% of the whole oil business. The oil company company was gaining a monopoly. But by 1882 the oil company was put into one trust. In the 1890 the congress passed the Sherman Antitrust act. This didn't allow trust in the oil business. Rockefeller sold out of the oil refinery in the 1900's.

Knights of Labor

The Knights of Labor was first a secret group. They came out of the shadow to help improve working conditions. Knights of Labor wanted to get the people that were working more pay better working conditions. When the company would make a trade the Knights of labor made it so the workers got so much of the trade to make the workers more money. This group also help so black people could get more jobs too. Knights of Labor also supported the Chinese Excul

Pullman Rail Road Strike