Buy Your Yearbook Today!!!!

Hurry!!! Before the price goes up!!!

Why Should YOU Buy Your Yearbook Today?

You, yes YOU should buy your yearbook today! Our Yearbook is created by the company, Jostens, who is charging us $37.00 per yearbook until January 1st when the price goes up!

Yearbook Theme

This year our yearbooks theme is #bulldogs2k16, or social media. You should buy our yearbook this year because come on! Who doesn't love social media!

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know the deadline, theme, and price, you should REALLY either go to the website using the link below, or you can always bring the money to Mrs. Stone in room 402. You can bring her cash(exact change please) or you can bring a check, as long as it's made out to Boles Junior High! So come on! You know you want a yearbook!

Buy Your Yearbook!!!

You can buy your yearbook at