Pen, Palette, Prelude

Newsletter of the NLAPW, Tampa Branch

October 2017

National League of American Pen Women, Tampa Branch Officers

President – Bonnie Phillips (813 685-5882)

VP/Programs - Barbara Routen

Recording Secretary - Judy Perez

Corresponding Secretary - Roxanne Tobaison

Treasurer – Bette Lafferty

Prospective Membership - Judy Johnson & Kat Heckenbach

A Message from NLAPW President

​​Dear ​Bonnie:​

I’ve been ​follow​ing the devastation ​and recovery ​in​ Florida and thinking of you and the other Pen Women in your ​b​ranch. Surely some of your members, and perhaps all of you, have suffered incredible loss. I can only hope that no one in the organization has suffered the loss of a human life. Please know that my heart goes out to each and every Pen Woman who has been impacted by this disaster. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

This is not a priority because you have far more pressing concerns at the moment, but once you have dealt with the aftermath in recovering from this ordeal, I believe an account of the travails experienced by our Pen Woman sisters in the Tampa Branch should be chronicled in an article on the website. The membership should be aware that this tragic event has touched some of our dedicated and creative women, and may have destroyed many items that represented months and years of work and devotion. It is truly sobering to reflect on such a possible loss.

Should there be any assistance needed in providing backup membership records, or other documents maintained at the national headquarters, please don’t hesitate to inquire. We will endeavor to locate anything in our files that might be useful in reconstructing individual or Branch records.

Again, I want to express my profound compassion for the suffering that will take so long to overcome. Please know that the entire National League of American Pen Women stands with you during this extraordinarily difficult time.


Virginia Franklin Campbell, President

National League of American Pen Women, Inc.


Welcome Visitors!

We welcomed four prospective members this month to share in the celebration of our summertime achievements:

Joan Brannick

Connie Dusckas

Jennifer Hand

Jenipher Lyn

Summer Show & Tell

This summer, Tampa's Pen Women were busy ladies! It makes us all so proud to have such talented, creative members (who have become such dear friends) under one roof!
Deb O'Reilly - While recovering, Deb has kept busy writing three resumes, cover letters, and a LinkedIn profile!

Meletha Everett - Traveled to Portland, Maine where she visited the Winslow Homer Studio, and the Outer Banks, returning with a lovely lithograph.

Cat Trabulsi - Read an excerpt from her next WWII novel, Flying with the Swallows, set to release in 2018.

Bette Lafferty - Organized her Monday Morning Offering poems and penned an additional 12 pieces while inspired at the beach.

Tampa Branch Monthly Meeting - 3rd Tuesday

Tuesday, Oct. 17th, 11am

200 Inverness Avenue

Temple Terrace, FL

Program: Cat Gardiner - "Journey to D-Day"

Presentation on preparations and journey to attendance at a D-Day re-enacting event in Ohio over the summer. She'll share how "experiencing" the era through living history helps her in researching for "world building" in her WWII historical fiction novels.

PLEASE remember to RSVP for monthly meetings. It's important that we get an accurate head count for lunch. Thank you.

Lunch Reservation due Thursday before (10/13)

Contact: Judy Perez 813-689-1121;

Good News!

Kat Heckenbach - Has nationally certified in Art, adding that to her Letters certification membership. Also, One of her children's paranormal short stories, titled "Between the Pages" was picked up by Cricket Magazine. Beginning in September, it will publish in three parts over three issues.

Barbara Routen - Has nationally certified in Music, adding that approval to her Letters certification. She also met and collaborated with Quinton Aaron, the lead actor in the movie The Blind Side in regard to his anti-bullying foundation: The Quinton Aaron Foundation

Mary Ellen O'Brien - Displayed 11 paintings at the Temple Terrace Public Library during the month of September! Wonderful!

Fond Farewells

Every Monday morning, I've had the pleasure of receiving "Monday Morning Offerings" in my email inbox. What a wonderful way to begin my week with an inspiration poem and maybe a little story written by our dear friend Bette Lafferty. Although a member of NLAPW for only a short time, Bette has made such an impact on our branch here in Tampa. So, it is with sadness that we heard of her upcoming relocation to San Antonio, TX to live closer to her son.

I am sure you will all wish her well. Though, as far in miles as she will be, she will still be with you through her Monday Morning Offering, greeting you every week! We'll miss you, Bette!

Make sure you sign up HERE


With sorrow, Dot Setlow announced the passing of her sister Neva Graham, long-time, previously very active member of the Tampa Branch. An exceptional painter and crafter, her legacy will continue in the works, oil paints, and macrame pieces that Dot gifted in her memory to members at the September meeting.

* RIP Neva - thank you for sharing your talents to make the world more beautiful. *

Notes & Upcoming Events

  • Oct. Birthdays: 10/9 Sandra Cameron, 10/14 Judith Johnson,
  • Nov. Birthdays: 11/15 Mary Ellen O'Brien, 11/22 Rosemary Potter
  • The Free PNC Bank Concert Artist Series at Sykes Chapel at the University of Tampa takes place from Oct. 22, 2017-April 8, 2018. Concerts are at 2 p.m. Sundays. Visit for details.
  • DATE & LOCATION CHANGE - State Conference - Dec 1-3, The Shores Resort & Spa, Daytona Beach. Barb Routen will be a guest speaker presenting the value and successes of the Performing Arts Medicine Association
  • Oldsmar Art Contest being held and displayed for two months in Oldsmar City Hall - open to non-NLAPW. Judging by Pen Women will be on December 2. Should submissions be low, we may need art from Pen Women. tba
  • Cards for Troops - Oct 7th at Center Place at Brandon Library. The cards, made using 15 provided templates will be sent to service members to use as holiday cards to send home to loved ones. Everyone is invited to join in and help with this fun project. Food will be offered, too!
  • Pumpkin Painting Party at Sandy Huff's house - October 17 10-2
  • December Christmas Party - Virginia’s house. Details tba

  • October Inspiration - Virginia / Give A Hoot - Cat / Sweet Treats - Meletha
  • November Inspiration - Kat / Give A Hoot - Gunni / Sweet Treats - Carlene

Contest Info Local/State/National

Vinnie Ream Contest


To honor the legacy of Vinnie Ream, harp pendants in sterling silver with zirconia accents will be awarded to each first-place winner in art, letters, music, and multimedia at the Vinnie Ream Banquet at the 2018 Biennial in Des Moines, Iowa. One goal of the medal competition is to challenge participants to follow Ream's sterling example of elevating one's artwork to the highest level. See The Pen Woman Summer 2017 p.10 for details.

Poetry Contest for NLAPW for Tampa Bay Area Non-Members

We had one entry and, therefore, one winner! Ms. Andrea Hardee from Seffner, a member of the Christian Writer's Group, wrote a lovely poem titled: "Line by the Numbers."

NLAPW is publishing a coloring book for adults: “Celebrating 120 Years of Pen Women.

All illustrations should be relevant to Pen Women in some way. Please submit your drawings!

Here are a few sample ideas:

  • Artist in her studio
  • Theater stage -- costumed actors
  • Writing implements used from the inception of NLAPW to present
  • Vinnie Ream with her sculpture of Lincoln
  • Outline of state regions with branches labeled & decorated with iconic images of the areas
  • … any other illustration that fits the title theme

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, October 12, 2017.

You may submit more than one entry.

  • Include a cover letter with a short description of how your illustration fits the theme. You may choose a title for your piece. Be sure to include your contact information and Pen Women branch.
  • Black and white line drawings with very little shading are best.
  • Page size is vertical: 11” high x 8.5” wide.
  • Please send digital PDF files. (JPG files will be accepted.)
  • File size: 2550x3300 pixels = 8.5”x11” at 300dpi. Files should be at least 2400x1800 pixels.
  • You may send original art or a good copy, but these will not be returned.
  • 30 to 32 illustrations will be chosen from the total number of submissions.
  • Email entries to or mail to Lucy Arnold, 15 Fairway Drive, Novato, CA 94949-5903


NLAPW Gallery Submissions

You must be an active, associate or student member of NLAPW to submit work for the website.

Art: Please send your artwork for consideration for our on-line gallery to the National Art Chair, Rosie Eylens,

Letters: Please send book announcement requests to the National Letters Chair, Dr. Evelyn Bethune,

Music: Please send music member information, bios, links to music and photos for inclusion in our Music Member Profiles page in the music gallery to Dr. M.J. (Sunny), National Music Chair,

A Word From the Newsletter Editor

Please, please, please share with your friends ... Our newsletter needs stories!

Also ... I'm looking for a "back up" gal to take notes and piccies should I not attend a meeting.

Please keep me in the loop, email me your news and anything you would like to share by the 20th of the month so it can be included in the following month's newsletter.