Decatur Weekly Newsletter

April 2, 2021

Spring Break is Here!

Hey Gators. We made it! I won't keep you long here because there is a lot of good information and announcements in this newsletter including several announcements just for seniors. Please remember that the last day to submit work to your Q3 classes is on Monday, April 12, 2021. There will be more emails and communications from the district about Hybrid learning as we get closer to the 19th. Please be on the lookout for those messages. There are also some updates below.

Please stay safe and rest up next and remember the words of a former Gator, Dom Cooks-

"It is, and always is, a great day to be a Gator! Yitadee!!!" Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Timely Updates from Superintendent Dr. Campbell

Please be sure to reference Dr. Campbell’s Friday e-Newsletter for the most up-to-date information related to our planning for in-person learning.

Survey Window Closed for Final Selection Hybrid or Remote

The window closed, Tuesday, March 30 at 12 p.m. for choosing secondary 100% remote or hybrid. We provided parents a second opportunity with an additional 6 days to make their final selection for the remainder of the school year with the final survey deadline Tuesday, March 30 at 12 p.m.

Now that the deadline has passed, we are unable to accommodate any requests to change the selection. At this stage, making changes after the deadline would significantly delay the start of in-person learning for grades 6-12.

We’re deep into planning for the return to secondary hybrid April 19, 2021 including working through staffing and transportation needs. This work will pay off when scholars return to campus!

Secondary Return to In-person Learning Zoom Meeting

Parents/guardians of hybrid secondary students should plan to attend our April 15 Family Zoom at 6:00 PM This will provide an overview of the hybrid model and key reminders around health and safety protocols. Here is the Zoom Link:

Details on the In-Person Model:

With the secondary hybrid model, students in 100% remote and students in hybrid will be on the same schedule with their existing teachers.

  • Students in 100% remote: looks the same in that students join their classes via Zoom.
  • Students in hybrid: there will be some classes in-person and some classes remote. Students in hybrid learning will receive:
  • Two classes in-person and two classes remote (Zoom classes) 4 days a week delivered by their existing teachers.
  • While we’re still finalizing the schedule, classes will rotate which means each of the courses will be in-person two days and remote (Zoom class) two days. Below is an example.

In-person classes will run at the same time as students participating in remote.

Please see a sample hybrid high school schedule below.

Big picture

Safety is a Top Priority

As we prepare to return for in person options, we want to emphasize we have a detailed and specific plan to support a safe and healthy learning environment for all students that return to in-person learning:

  • All staff and scholars are required to wear masks at ALL times at our school campus and on the bus. If a scholar doesn't comply with wearing a mask, the school principal will call the parent/guardian to come and pick up the child.
  • Social distancing will be enforced in all areas and there will be regular handwashing throughout the day.
  • Visitors will not be allowed on campus in order to minimize the number of people on campus.
  • You can find more details around our safety protocols in our Hybrid Model Family Guide at: or the Hybrid Model Staff Guide at:

Get Those "I" Contracts Completed

Scholars with I contracts should be making progress towards completion. If you have an I contract (an incomplete grade contract), please make sure that the work is completed and submitted to your teacher so your grade can be updated.

Attention Seniors - Graduation Cover Art Contest

Hello class of 2021 seniors! We are designing our class of 2021 graduation programs. You have an opportunity to submit student artwork that will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the graduation program. Artwork must be appropriate and meet the following specifications:

o Page width: 8.5 in

o Page height: 11 in

o Submit as a pdf file – email your submission to Ms. Novak, by May 10, 2021. Use "Art Contest Submission" as the subject line.

Senior Exit Survey!

Hey Seniors. It's time to complete your Senior Exit Survey.

Please use this link to take you to the survey:

Stem Film Festival Recognition

Congratulations to two of our video scholars who received awards at the Stem Film Festival:

Ezra Veloria – 1st Place for Public Service Announcement

Lennon Hoxie – Runner Up for Best Commercial

Way to go Gators!

Gator Sports Update

This week, we began allowing two spectators per rostered athlete at home events only. If one of the two spectators is a minor, the other must be an adult. Prior to a contest, each rostered athlete will be issued two spectator attestation forms which must be completed and turned in upon entry to the event. All spectators will be checked in at the event and must adhere to all guidelines which will be listed on the attestation form provided to the athlete.

For all contests held at Federal Way Memorial Stadium, please note that the home and visitors sides have switched. For home events, Decatur spectators will need to park in the East/upper lot and enter/check-in through the East ticket booth gate.

Call or email Terry Jenks for all ADA accommodations: 253-945-5216

If you cannot not attend the game in person, you can still stream the contest. Here's how:

1. Go to,

2. Click on "Find Your Team",

3. Type in "Decatur",

4. Click on "Decatur HS – WA",

5. Click on the red "LIVE" button.

Season 2 sports will begin April 12th. Athletes and parents, please begin the clearance process now in Rank One: Click on the tab that says, "Parents Click Here" in the upper right corner to begin the clearance process. Contact Terry Jenks with any questions: 253-945-5216

Please keep checking this newsletter for updates!

Quarter 4 Supply Drive Thru

Wednesday, April 14th, 9am-3pm

2800 Southwest 320th Street

Federal Way, WA

We will be having a drive-thru Quarter 4 material pick-up in the bus loop in front of Decatur High School

School Buildings Closed to the Public

Due to the high number of COVID cases in our community, all district buildings including Decatur High School will remain closed to the public. If you have a need that can only be resolved in-person, please call 253-945-5212 to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.