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Week of May 2

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Our mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment to become socially and academically successful.

Week at a Glance-Happy Teacher/Nurse Appreciation Week

Monday, May 2

  • Short Staff meeting in the library after school
  • Norma here today to demo close reading strategies-schedule sent out
  • Free Jeans week for Teacher Appreciation Week

Tuesday, May 3

Wednesday, May 4

  • Museum Night starts at 6:00 PM
  • Jessica's First Book Signing
Thursday, Cinco de Mayo
  • Teacher of the Year Gala to celebrate Kathryn Jordan, RES Teacher of the Year!

Friday, May 6

  • Spirit Day
  • Lunch provided by Kerri, Chad and Michelle

Shout Outs!

  • Each one of you is appreciated for everything you do for our kids, community and staff. This week we will be doing some special things to celebrate you!
  • Thanks to Michelle G. and Pam for helping to make a plan for Jamika with math. Jamika has everything planned out and Michelle and Pam have been her to be her "feet" so that Jamika can stay off of hers as much as possible.
  • Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. It was very sweet and I really appreciate it.
  • Thanks to Magaly and Deedra for covering classes.
  • Thanks to the SPED teachers and EAs for rearranging their schedules as our student population has changed and we were short and EA this week. I appreciate your flexibility.
  • Thanks to LaShall and her staff for getting everything prepared for the ASPIRE Showcase. We had kids enter art projects and many students "placed". We had a basketball team that did really well! Our team was one game away from the championship game.

Technolgoy Spotlight!

  • Birdville ISD has partnered with Clarity BrightBytes to survey students, parents, and campus staff on the impact of technology use both inside and outside the classroom. The results of the survey will help BISD develop appropriate digital learning opportunities to best serve the needs of all students. The District is also committed to providing appropriate digital resources, at the right cost, in order to maximize the use of existing technology. BrightBytes is a web-based, research-driven tool that will assist BISD evaluate the current digital learning approaches and technologies available to our students. All questionnaires — student, teachers, and parents — are available in Spanish. Participants can toggle in the top right-hand corner of their questionnaire screen between English and Spanish.

Completion times per survey:

Student Survey (Grades 3-8) - 15 Minutes

Teacher Survey - 15 Minutes

Campus Administration Survey - 5 Minutes

Parent Survey - 5 Minutes


Now Through May 6, 2016

Bright Bytes link for Richland Elementary:

  • Schoolwires Login Change

    Effective Friday, April 8 after 12 p.m., staff members who manage a BISD Schoolwires website will be able to use their BISD network login ID and password to log into their Schoolwires website.

Tibits of Info

    • We will have a short staff meeting this Monday in the library.
    • Norma will be here on Monday. If you told me you were interested in seeing a close reading lesson, I sent out the schedule to you. Every grade level should be prepared to meet Norma during your planning time to debrief about lesson demonstrated, ask questions about writing and writing portfolios.
    • Chad will be sending out testing information this week. Please pay careful attention to any email he sends out even if you are not a testing grade level. We will not have specials on Monday or Tuesday next week, but we will have specials on Wednesday.
    • Please be prepared to meet for our last collaborative for with EOY info after STAAR testing. Our window for getting EOY data in has been extended. Keeping your schedule as normal as possible, we will help keep the students behaved. Also, you may want to have incentives to help them stay on track.
    • The kids are already starting to get restless as we are starting to wind up the year.
    • Every child should have a writing portfolio. You should have a writing sample from the beginning, middle and end of the year. These portfolios will not be due until the end of the year. Magaly has extra folders and writing score sheets if you need them.
    • The Fort Worth Museum is coming to our school this Wednesday. Please remind your families about this event.. They will bring an indoor planetarium. There will be free tickets to the planetarium and it will be on a first come, first serve basis. Please publicize this event to your parents. If you are able to stay or come back for this event, that would be great. EAs please see me if you are interested in comp time.

    Upcoming Events

    • May 9-Math STAAR

    • May 10-Reading STAAR

    • May 11-Science STAAR

    • May 13-District Retirement Luncheon to honor Carolyn

    • Week of May 15-Book Fair and snack week

    • May 15-All library books due today

    • May 16- PTA Board Meeting and Fundraiser Party for PTA

    • May 17-PTA Meeting/Choir Concert @ 6:00 PM

    • May 18-Talent Show Practice

    • May 19-Choir to NRH2O

    • May 20-Field Day

    • May 23-Art/PLC

    • May 24-Richland's Got Talent

    • May 25-Capstone Projects presentations in the library

    • May 25-4th/5th to go on a field trip to sing with and hear organ

    • May 26-3rd Grade Field Trip

    • May 27-5th Grade trip to Park

    • May 27-1-4 Awards Ceremonies

    • May 27-Kinder Graduation at 2:00 PM

    Richland Elementary

    Mascot: Rockets

    Colors: Red and Blue

    Grade Levels: Pre-Kindergarden-5th Grade

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