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Olivia T.

About me

My name is Olivia T. I am very crazy, wild, funny and i like to read at night before bed

~I like books that are very entertaining

~I like poems by Dr. Seuss

~I like "The Fault in our Stars".

~I like to read before bed

~I like to red funny books too

~I like to read outside

~I never wipe boogers on my book

~I get hungry when I read

~I listen to music when I read sometimes

~I also like to read realistic fiction.

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I chose this because people may think that cool chicks don"t read but they do.
Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

See You Again

I chose this song because when I see a book and I leave the library I think of this song!

My Latest Blog Entry

I am reading "A Dogs Purpose" right now.I was reading "Stargirl" by Jerri Spenelli. My most recent book that I have read was "Stargirl". It wasn't my favorite book but it was okay. I really didn't like this book because it wasn't very interesting and the book was kinda weird.
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Like Try Why Poster

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This video is by a kid with a British accent that tells you about books. He gives you great summaries about many different books and he tells you if you have read a specific book the you might want to try some other book and then he would tell you why these books are related. You also can get more books from this video.

My Interest and Favorites

The Fault in our Stars, A dogs Purpose, The Chocolate Touch are some of my favorite. Divergent, Insurgent, Elegant are some of my books that i want to read.