Technology Sixth Grade

by:Leo Hansen


  • You created an iTrailer in the app iMovie
  • Had the choice on a topic so there where many options
  • Hut pictures and videos into the iTrailer and wrote a script
  • When you are done it puts all the pictures,videos and words into one video

Haiku Deck

  • Researched dream job using Career Locker
  • Figured out what college you would go to and how much it would cost
  • It was fun because we could totally customize the slides and put any colors on it
  • It was a little nerve racking standing in front of everyone and presenting so I looked at a wall and did the best I could

Typing Web

  • When you walk into technology immediately you log on and start typing
  • The typing program that we use is called
  • This program helps us get ready to type for the rest of our lives
  • We do this for five minutes at the start of class

Explain Everything

  • With the Explain Everything project you showed how to solve a math problem well recording yourself
  • You found the math problem in a list on schoology you had the choice on what problem you wanted to solve
  • We weren't allowed to use are finger as a writing tool
  • Very fun project it didn't take very long and still got you thinking

Career Locker

  • Career Locker is a website were you can explore collages and careers
  • You take a few quiz's and it shows you whether you work better in a group or on your own
  • It also shows if your a people person or your better on your own whether you would be good in mechanics to math
  • After you finished all of the quiz's it will tell you what jobs would be good for you and it was fun to see what jobs would be good for you along with detailed descriptions about the job itself


  • With the coding unit you would go into assignments where you had to put all of the coding tiles into the correct spot so the character can finish a certain task
  • The assignments included anything from making a zombie eat plants to coloring a triangle
  • Your task was to get to a certain number of coding assignments done and we got plenty of time to do it so we didn't feel rushed at all
  • Some of the coding assignments I liked where the drawing ones because it was a lot of trial and error so it was fun