The Pearl

Made By: Connor Collins "the one pager obviously"

Poem of the Pearl

Kino is his name, and he takes the blame

Juana was struck, because Kino had little luck

Kino is a dad, he can be very bad

And all the bad things in the world,

it will not stop Kino, and his pearl

Relation to the text

text to self: I can relate this to myself because I got a lot o money and i wanted to buy mega man X which cost $124.00 and my dad said just because i have the money doesn't mean I have to spend it all on one thing. This relates to me because Kino wants to buy a lot of things with his pearl.

text to text: You can relate this to History because of the Social Classes involved within the story line. As in the Spanish were the higher class and the Mexicans were the lower class.

text to world: The world is still a bad place with greed and thirst for power and money like look at Donald Trump, he has all the money he needs and he wants to be president so he can build a wall so Mexicans can't get in and he wants the power to do that. also people are in the underground and getting money and there greed for money and drugs to sell and get money they turn on their friends, family, and teammates just for money.






Word Clusters

Themes and Pictures

level thinking questions

level 1: Is Kino poor?


level 2: Does the doctor miss France?


level 3. Do you think people will still go after Kino?