Wheeler County History

By : Erynn Cannon

The History that made the Town was it is Today!!!

Mobeetie is supposed to mean "sweetwater" the fort was Fort Elliott.The original name was Hidetown when it was a supply center for buffalo. The flag pole from Fort Elliott remains to this day.The old stone jail is now a museum.

Wheeler Texas:

The town is named after Royal T. Wheeler.He was the second Chief Justice of Texas Supreme Court.T he North Fork of the Red River and Sweetwater Creek are the 2 major streams. Sweetwater Creek starts in Wheeler County is fed by the springs.The native trees are cottonwood, black walnut, china berry, willow, hackberry, mesquite,and shin oak,which are found around the creek.The minerals are cliche, gypsum, and natural gas.The plains Apache first occupied the county. Then the Kiowas and Comanches ran them out around 1700 A.D. The Kiowas and Comanches dominated the county until the red river war in 1874.The county in the spring of 1874 they started Hidetown later known as Sweetwater on the Sweetwater creed.This later moved a mile and became known as Mobeetie. In 1875 Fort Elliott was established in 1890.The first post office was established in 1878 at the Fort.Wheeler county was the first organized county in the pan handle.That is only a little of the history there is much more and some being made today.

Come to Wheeler County where more history can be made!