The Boy In the Striped Pajamas

By John Boyne


The story is about Bruno and his family move from Berlin Germany to a house outside of Auschwitz. When they first move there Bruno has nobody to play with and he wants to go home. But then he meets this new boy named Shmuel. Bruno finds out that him and Shmuel have the same birthday and there both 8 years old. Then over the next year Bruno and Shmuel meet at the same place everyday and talk to each other. Sometimes they both sit there and say nothing, and sometimes they talk to each other. Then Bruno and his mom and his sister are told they're going back to Berlin. But Bruno wants to stay with his father, but his father and mother said no. So Bruno has to go tell Shmuel the news. And then...


I think the theme for The Boy In The Striped Pajamas is friendship because Bruno and Shmuel kept a close relationship even though they couldn't play together. They met at the same spot every day. Sometimes they would sit there in silence and sometimes they would talk to each other. This is why I think the theme for the boy in the striped pajamas is friendship.

Main characters

Historical facts

Auschwitz was a very guarded camp. Nobody could get in or out. Cause if they tried to escape they would be cut by the barbed wire or shocked by the electrical fence. They could also be shot by one of the officers.

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