May R+F Newsletter

Kelly Strothman, Executive Consultant

Birthday Raffle Giveaways

It's my birthday MONTH! ! So I thought I'd pretend like I'm Oprah and raffle off a few of my favorite things to all NEW and CURRENT customer orders in MAY!

A few of "My Favorite Things" up for grabs include:

  • REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream
  • Wine Canvas Re-Usable Flask (Yes, there is such a thing, and YES, you need one!)
  • $25 TARGET Gift card

The raffles are open to Current and NEW customers. Orders over $80 earns one raffle ticket. Orders over $150 earns two raffles.

*If you already ordered this month(May), I have thrown your names into the raffles already.

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Meet My Mom: Real Results within 60 days

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REVERSE Regimen + Amp MD Roller duo + MicroDermabrasion Paste

This picture above tells a story- of why I fell in love with Rodan+Fields, and how I knew I wanted to help people and share these products with those around me. This picture demonstrates how these products can work for everyone- regardless of what your particular skin concerns are or your age. This beautiful women who has allowed me to share her story is my MOM.

She wasn't one of my first customers, as I could tell she was a little skeptical at first when I joined the business- And I definitely didn't want a "pity" order, so I never pushed it. But I knew she was watching me, just as many others. Around my 6 week mark, I was at her house(which I see her a couple times a week) and she noticed and complimented my skin- she rubbed my face in awe of how soft and smooth it was . That was the day when she finally said, "Okay, I want whatever you're using." I signed her up and got her on the same regimen I was using.

My Mom's results are within 60 DAYS- she used the REVERSE Regimen with our beloved REDEFINE AmpMD Roller along with weekly exfoliation using the Microdermabrasion Paste. After years and years of sunbathing with baby oil and reflection foil back in the day, she had sun spots to fade and she wanted to even out skin tone. She was waking up daily with very red blotchy skin and thought that was her "norm." It's not.

As you can see, within 60 days she now wakes up with zero redness, evened out skin tone, and some expression lines are diminishing . She is now transitioning into our REDEFINE regimen to focus more on the wrinkles, fine lines and shrink pores. Can't wait to see what the next 60 days brings for her!
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Want to Host a Spa Facial Party at your House?

Rodan + Fields is not a "parties" company, as we don't keep stock of inventory and our customers are nationwide and we provide direct FedEx home delivery. However, I've thrown a few "facial parties" at local friends' homes, which people have loved. Who doesn't want to come over and have some wine, and get a full facial, and then crawl into bed when they get home?

If you are interested in hosting one at your house, please contact me, and I would be happy to provide you with details, including the "perks" that come with hosting one. It's a great way for your friends/family to try out some of our full regimens and tools, without making a full purchase.