Leons story

Hear the story of a young black boy who lived in segregation

Segregation: Time of seperation and violence

Leon tillage was the second to oldest of eight brothers and sisters in north carolina. At this time jim crow laws were in place everywhere. Blacks and whites were being seperated in everything (e.g., bathrooms, restaurants, and fountains.) leons mom and dad didn't care for an education since they believed that because they only worked and lived on farms. Leon on the other hand wanted an education and tried real hard. White people like the klansmen and police were allied to try and stop blacks from doing anything. Leon experinced horrible things whites did to blacks like on his fifteenth birthday they were coming back with his present and white kids ran and backed their car on his dad. Leon participated in protests for equal rights and even experinced being beaten by police members. Sometimes when he was being "beat" by a police they would say "run,run" if they were nice (chapter: marching)

In Ms. Micheletti's room everyday until 3:45

School is only open for a while so come on in and read why blacks were being abused for no reason and why it was wrong. Leon wants to change the world and also wants an education " education didn't mean too much to my father" "i started school when I was six" education was everything to him.

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