1A Classroom Update 5

1A Welcomes December!

December 4,2015

December Greetings!

Welcome December!

Hello 1A parents! It seems like the time is flying by now that we are already in December! These past couple of weeks have been full of great things! We have had our time to build our Dioramas, eat at our first Thanksgiving Potluck, and let's not forget our first field trip to the Sims Recycling Center! 1A has truly had some wonderful experiences. We can't wait to see what's next! Here's a look at what has been happening in our classroom!


Greetings from 1a math! Our students have been hard at work, discovering new ways to do math and becoming the skilled mathematicians of tomorrow! We have broadened our scope of number stories to include comparison word problems (Ms. Garcia had 5 crayons. Mr. Padilla had 10 crayons. How many more crayons did Mr. Padilla have?). We have also been continuing our study of subtraction, investigating the correlation between addition and subtraction problems. Most recently we've been seeing the ways in which a math problem can be represented by both addition and subtraction number sentences. Our next step is to continue our investigation of geometric shapes! We have been so proud of everything our 1a mathematicians have accomplished!


1A has done a phenomenal job making connections to different texts they have been reading. Our students have made text to self connections where they share how the character's actions remind them of themselves, or how the what happens in the story reminds them of a past experience. To take it a step further our readers have also used a venn diagram to make a text to text connection. In this case, our friends are asked how both books/stories similar and why. As we read LLama LLama Red Pajama and Mortimer, our students filled in our classroom Venn Diagram to figure out what both stories had in common. 1A was recently introduced to efficient retelling. In these past couple of weeks, we have been reading books and have delved deeper into noticing what do we usually find in the Beginning, Middle, and End. We mentioned to 1A how we want to become retelling experts so we can retell some of their favorite stories to others who have never read these books. We emphasize how it is important to identify specific details when we read so the person listening can understand the story better! In the next couple of weeks, we will be teaching our readers how to use sequenced language while they are retelling their stories to others. For example using the word first for the beginning, then for the middle, and finally to describe what happens at the end. We are so excited!


In writing, our authors continue to add more details to their small moment stories. Students are learning how to add more action to their stories and also make attempts to add dialogue by use of quotation marks. Talk about risk takers! In these next couple of weeks, our students will dive Into the editing and the publishing world! They will be able to edit their writing by looking for capital letters and punctuation. They will also be learning how to edit their words by using the word wall to make sure those sight words match the ones in their writing!


Inquiry this term has been such a wonderful experience! Our students are so excited to show off their dioramas! They have all been diligently working to construct their special spots and comparing it to that of their peers. During the past weeks, our 1A architects got into their international homes groups and started to plan out what materials were needed to construct their homes. Before planning, our architects did some research on the homes they chose to build. They looked at pictures and made discoveries about what materials were needed to build their specific home. After, they shopped for their materials they started to build! We are so excited for you all to see the finished product!

Our Trip to the Sims Recycling Center!

Our First Thanksgiving Potluck!

1A Family

It is very important for us to show our 1A community the importance of family and what we are thankful for. This year, we decided to have a potluck to gather all families and have a Thanksgiving Eve feast. It was a truly a wonderful experience. Thank you to the parents and families who attended and also those of you who sent some treats in! 1A appreciates it!
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Inquiry TIme


Please Read All the Information Below!

Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up!!

Dates: Wednesday, December 16th – Friday, December 18th

  • Remember, there is no school on Friday, December 18th!

Location: BPCS Downtown

Deadline: End of day before the requested appointment date

To reserve a time slot with us, enter the following link into your web browser: www.ptcfast.com/reg1

You will then be asked for an entry code, where you should enter: NXF1126095

Take Home Folders:

Take home folders have been sent home. Please be sure to return them empty on Monday. There are some of our friends who still did not hand them in. We asked them to place their work inside their backpacks.







A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

We are furiously working away on our habitat dioramas! Much like what the 1A community is working on during their Inquiry study, we are looking to create a "home," but this is a home that consists of all the things that an animal needs to survive: water, food, a shelter to live (and hide!) in. We've been painting the sky and layering in plants fashioned from trees and photographs that reflect what the students have been researching. Some examples are the Acacia tree found in the savanna biome, seagrass in found in the coral reef biome, and the kapok tree found in the rainforest biome. Polar biome experts are learning about caves and glaciers in their biome. It has been wonderful watching 1A Scientists create something original and informed by their research!

Physical Education Update from Coach M & M

Temperatures are dropping but things are heating up in physical education! We have finished up with the Parachute and are in between units playing cooperative games and team building activities to keep our bodies moving and our muscles building.

1A Artist Rock the Studio Lab!

WOW, grade one artists really worked hard in November. Their studio challenges varied greatly but the overall focus was lines — all kinds of lines! Thick, think, curvy, wavy, scalloped, diagonal, zigzag, jagged, dotted, etc.! Looking at Paul Klee’s work, we discussed how he first used lines (drawing) and then painted shapes to make his masterpieces. Our subject was houses, our challenge was ten; 10 different kinds of lines, 10 different colors, and finally 10 different patterns using lines. Check out our final composition! 1A’s paintings are currently on view outside the classroom. FYI : 1A rallied to help K artists finish their autumn foliage. They love our new staplers. Many thanks 1A!!

Happy Holidays from the Studio Lab!

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