Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Which is better?

By: Anthony Lorenzo

The iPhone 6 is $199 to $299, because the size is much bigger than other phones, so they had to add more screen and more wires in the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is $199 to $299, because of the thickness of the phone and how heavy the phone is itself even without a case.

The iPhone 6 has many apps like the health app. It tells you what you ate and how many calories were in it. Also, it can keep track of you how far you ran. Another cool feature about the iPhone 6 is that you can pay with only your phone and you just have to put your phone up to the thing in the store and it will pay faster.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has very cool features too, like the weather app. You don't have to download a weather app, it automatically puts it on your phone. So you can check it right away instead of having to wait to get on the downloaded app . Another cool feature is that you can upgrade your phone. If you have the 4S you can upgrade your phone to the S5, but you can not upgrade it right away you have to have your phone for 4 whole years!