Sarah Smith

My Personality

My Color: Blue

From the color personality test, I was placed as the color Blue. Blues are a the color that likes to work in groups and make sure everyone is included and happy. The moto of the blues is "Let's Work Together". They always procede with decisions with how it will affect everyone else in mind. But, Blues also don't like confrontation and being told what to do. And they also don't like being that one person in the group stuck doing all the work.


In the "Smarter Test", I was a Sanguine. A Sanguine is that one person in the group who likes being center of attention, and likes new and exciting things. 5 strengths to a Sanguine are that they have an appealing personality, like to volunteer for jobs, have lots of energy and enthusiams, make friends easily, and don't hold grudges. But, 5 weaknesses of being a Sanguine are that they are compulsive talkers, forget obligations, don't follow through, need to be center of attention, and interrupt and don't listen.

Animal In You: Wild Dog

From the "Animal In You" personality test, I was placed as a Wild Dog. Wild dogs are high-energy, adventurous. They have aenergetic, demonstrative and restless behavior. They are reliable in a crisis, and charitable. They are not natural leaders, but are popular and well-liked from their adventurous acts. They like new activities and get bored easily.


The careers and hobbies that I was given from the "Animal In You" personality test were:Police Work, Engineering, Military, Journalism, Academics, and they enjoy running, writing, horse riding, and surfing the net

My Influence

From the personality tests I have taken, I am an interesting mix for the class. From the color test, I work well in groups and like to make sure people are included in what is going on. From the "Smarter Test", I am an outgoing person, but I don't like to be alone. And finally, from the "Animal In You" test, I am a high-energy, adventurous person. So, in a nutshell, I am a work-oriented, energetic person who works well in groups and making everyone feel included while giving off a positive and encouraging attitude that draws people in.