JKE Professional Literacy Community

Teaching Professionals Partnering for Student Success

Join the Joseph Keels Elementary (JKE) Professional Literacy Community

The goal of the JKE Professional Literacy Community is to seek and share learning and act on the learning to enhance our effectiveness as professionals for the students we serve. Literacy is all encompassing, so content area teachers are encouraged to participate as well. You can personalize your Professional Literacy Community to serve the needs of your team with a common meeting time once a month. For example, we can elect to use 1 curriculum meeting per month as our collaboration time. Just remember... Collaboration is key to achieve these efforts!

Group Intentions and Targeted Goals

  • The JKE Professional Literacy Community will meet at least once each month.
  • Participants will decide on the Professional Literacy Community Norms.
  • Discussion Groups will choose to follow a range of chosen Learning Protocols for Group Meeting Discussions that will demonstrate best practices that can be utilized in the classroom setting for diverse learners.
  • A Group Journal will be maintained to record and archive the Professional Literacy Community's work.
  • The SUCCESSES of the Professional Literacy Community will be shared with other stakeholders in the JKE community.
  • Literacy is all encompassing; therefore, all are encouraged to join!
  • Study Materials will be provided by the Reading Coach and she will serve as facilitator/coordinator and co-learner!
  • Your participation will earn you the respect as a Literacy Leader! :)

Joseph Keels Elementary Professional Literacy Community Members

Why should you join?

This Professional Literacy Community will be different from a normal "PLC." Participants will have the time and opportunity to read, reflect, and implement the researched based strategies, with professional feedback from your peers! It is hoped that this opportunity will breed a culture of teaching and learning that will transform your learning community!

We are Literacy Partners!

Have you ever felt like you work on a team but never feel a part of the team? Does it feel like you are spinning your wheels in your teaching career? How do you bridge the gap of the teaching and learning that happens in your classroom to the entire school community?

If you have asked yourself any of the above questions, you are ready for a change! The JKE Professional Literacy Community is your answer! Be the change! Sign-Up HERE! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t9ziqT9XWytWxgn9G-t37OkPGITvUcEwG941-0CL9fM/edit