Three for Thursday: 2/11/16

A few good things from the MJS IMC

Do some of your students find it difficult to concentrate? Are they easily distracted by their classmates? You might want to offer them a Chromebook, a set of headphones (we have them in the IMC to borrow if needed) and provide them with White Noise! Noisli will work in the background, even if they're working on something in another tab. Plus it requires no sign in.

Ipads for Student Presentation Self-Assessment

Would you like your students to improve their presentation skills? Would you like them to be able to see and hear how they did for themselves? Try an ipad! We have them to borrow in the IMC. Have someone record another student's presentation. Then have the student who presented view their presentation. Even better have them self-assess via a rubric focused on presentation skills. PE teachers: this is also a great way to help students improve their skills.
I couldn't live without diigo! Diigo started as a social bookmarking site, which means that it allows you to bookmark websites and share your bookmarks. It's grown to include a tool for highlighting, annotating and taking screenshots. Basically, you go to diigo, create an account, and download the diigo browser extension. Now whenever you find or someone shares a site you want to save, you click on the extension and use any of the tools it offers. You can also add notes and tags to your bookmark, add bookmarks to groups and more. Now what you've saved is available from any computer.

The interface is not as intuitive as it could be, and what's included in the free version has changed, so please stop by if you're interested in trying it out!