The Business: Change

Is Change so hard?

Changing The Job

Tips on changing the job

  1. Self-check
  2. Research
  3. Action Plan
  4. Make Connections and Gain experience
  5. Reality Check


Do a check list of your self and why you want a new job. Check your values, interest, personality, skills. When you have check these you take a step closer to pick a new job.


Look at different places and do some research about their job and their history, benefits , and location. This allows you to narrow down the wide variety of job sites.

Action Plan

Make a plan in the career path that way you have steps to take before you reach that certain position or spot in the work force you want. People have different step in their action plan because different want to work in different places.

Make Connections and Gain Experience

Start working part-time jobs or internships that way you get a taste of what the work place is like before you go head first into something you have know idea what to do, but since you went through the part time jobs an internships you know what you are doing.

Reality Check

Look at your self and see if you can handle this new job your handle the changing from job to job. The change might happen more than once so you must be willing to learn how to do different things at different job but if you can not do that then the change might be harder for you than for some one you is willing to learn.