Arizona FAF$A Challenge

November 2018

FAFSA Completion Progress

Arizona is making great momentum in FAFSA completions for the 2018-2019 school year! Looking at October 1st through November 2nd, the state is at an 18 % FAFSA Completion rate. Over 75 College Goal FAF$A events were held throughout the state in the month of October! In order to keep this momentum going and achieve the state goal of 50% for this year, schools are encouraged to continue their FAFSA completion efforts. Collaborative efforts are key - work with counselors, teachers, staff, and administration to set a FAFSA completion goal for your high school and create a plan of action to achieve your goal.

Most Innovative Player - October 2018

The Governor’s Office of Education and The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education are honored to award the October 2018 Innovative Player recognition to Millennium High School! This award is a state recognition for going above and beyond to increase your school’s FAFSA completion rate and ensure more Arizona students are equipped to pursue postsecondary enrollment.

With Millennium High School's continued efforts, we look forward to watching their FAFSA completion rate grow throughout the school year! Thank you to Millennium High School for an amazing job well done, and for kicking off the FAFSA season as this month’s Most Innovative Player!

November 2018 Most Innovative Player Nominations are now being accepted! Contact Us

Millennium High School Best practices

Collaboration: The principal, counselors, and teachers collaborated to create a FAFSA completion campaign.

“I believe our success is a direct result of our counseling team working cooperatively with administration and classroom teachers”

– Jennifer Grumbling- MHS Counselor

FSA ID’s: Counselors, in groups of two, visited all senior social studies classrooms to help students create FSA IDs. The teachers reminded students in advance to make sure they had their social security numbers when the counselors visited, and sent many reminders to the teachers about what students needed in order to create an FSA ID. During this activity, counselors passed out information about their financial aid night and district FAFSA completion nights. Counselors also passed out bracelets and stickers from College Goal Arizona to hype up their students regarding college and our future events.

Monitor FAFSA Finish Line Data: A designated counselor took the lead in monitoring student FAFSA Finish Line Data, and pulled the data once a week to identify students who met the following criteria: a completed FAFSA application, incomplete/missing signatures or information, and students who are selected for verification.

Hot Off the Press

A press release has been issued by the Arizona Commission for Post Secondary Education in regards to the goals of this year's Arizona FAF$A Challenge. The Arizona FAF$A Challenge builds on friendly competition within Arizona High Schools encouraging students to complete and submit their 2018 FAFSA applications. The website,, highlights the progress and FAFSA completion rate of over 400 public high schools in the state.

Penny the Pig says "Hi" !

As a bonus, high schools hosting a College Goal FAF$A event received this re-usable dry-erase wall sticker to track their FAFSA goals and progress! This great and fun tool allows students, parents, and faculty to see the tangible results of all their hard work and collaboration.

If you are interested in hosting an event and are not already a part of the College Goal FAFSA Campaign, please complete and submit the College Goal FAF$A application.

AZ Grants - Updates and Improvements

For schools and districts receiving FAFSA Finish Line Data, AZGrants is the portal used to collect your individual senior data. New and improved features are being added to this portal to make it easier to pull the data and match-up to your senior lists! These improvements will be featured on the AZGrants portal in late November 2018.

Interested in participating the FAFSA Finish Line Data? Click here to access the Data Sharing Agreement and ACPE User Agreement. Once completed and processed, you will have access to see which of your senior students have completed a FAFSA, who was selected for verification, or if a student has an incomplete FAFSA application on file. This is a great tool for high school counselors as well as career and college specialists to utilize in order to assist their students and increase their schools' FAFSA completion rates.