Barcelona is in the north-east of Spain (Europe). It is a big city. It´s a got approximately 2 millions inhabitants.

The climate in Barcelona is Mediterranean climate. In winter is warm and in summer it is hot.

Barcelona is an old city. It was founded in the first century BC by romans. It has lots of monuments and things to see. Barcelona is famous for its Ramblas. It is also famous for its Cathedral.

In Barcelona you can see the Gothic Quarter, the Güell Park. There is a large porte with a lot of boats. Barcelona has also got a lot of museums and you can find Colon´s Statue.

There are lots of things to do in Barcelona. You can go shopping. You can also seesight.

The main industries are tourism, engineering and manufacturing.

Tourist love walk along the Ramblas and have a cup of coffee in the port, by the Mediterranean Sea.

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A Day in Barcelona