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Roman Ovens

The Romans developed a Stone oven that allowed them to cook their foods much easier and faster. This helped them in may way but of course the poor people could not buy one so they used basic fires.

Egyptians Fire pits

The poor and rich Egyptians both used a fire pit to cook food. They both used the same type of fire pit but the difference was that the rich Egyptians used better fuel and the poor had to use items that were not the best for cooking.

Romans Preserving their Food

The Romans unlike the Egyptians learned how to preserve foods to make them last longer. The way they learned to do this was first storing honey to make it last many years. After they learned about preserving different foods they started to pickle different item so just like the honey it would stay fresh for a significant amount of time.

Ancient Drinks

Both Rome and Egypt drank wine and sometimes water but Rome had not discovered beer yet. Rome because of this they mainly drank wine. As you can see in the picture below they only had access to very dirty water because their is not much fresh water because they did not know how to clean it.

Food in the Roman world

This is a very good source for information If you are doing a research paper of just want to know about Roman diets.
How to make 2,000-year-old-bread

Egyptian Meats

Egypt ate meats such as lamb, chicken, and beef. Most Egyptians were unfortunate because they did not have much money. Rich families would eat meat every day with almost every meal, but on the other side the poor families could not afford to eat meat at every meat. One exception was when their was a holiday of a special day of that year.

Roman Meats

The same concept as the Egyptians poor families did not eat meat as often as richer families. They ate meat that the Egyptians did and they also ate lots of fish as well.
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