Mashburn Minute

Mashburn Elementary Dec 18, 2015

The January Mindset is Passion First!!!

Passion First teaches us to look at 4 areas...

1. Focus on strengths - It is critical to play to your strengths in life, and to spend time doing the things you're best at in order to create the most value for yourself. It's important to know that your strengths are much more than just things you do well; they also involve situations in which you thrive and the people with whom you are at your best.

2. Explore your interests - When you like doing things, you do more of it, even in your free time. Doing these things more often, with a greater degree of focus, allows you to become great at whatever they are. When you are great at anything, the world notices, and you have greater value to others.

3. Make a stand - It is important that you play to your strengths and interests whenever possible. It is equally important that what you do is important to you and your life. What you do must matter to you.

4. Be authentic - Great dreams must start from within. To do something extraordinary, the dream must leverage your strengths and interest, align with who you are (your core values), and matter greatly to you. When all of this is in place, your are your most capable and will perform at your best.

ITS Learning Walkthrough for TKES

We will be using ITS learning for either your 3rd or 4th Walkthrough. Starting in January we will do walkthrough #3. We are hoping to use a school closure day in order to do the walkthrough. So depending on when the day hits will depend on which walkthrough it will be. We will be looking at Instructional Planning and Communication. This includes your plans being uploaded, and whats on your planner for parents and students. This is not a GOTCHA but an opportunity to shine. Kim will be offering additional training to anyone who wants to learn more about utilizing ITS Learning on Jan 4th.

Congratulations to Arlinda Porter for being a Semi-Finalist for TOTY!!!!!

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Jan 4th - Professional Learning Day - this is your time to collaborate, plan, and work with your teams. 9:00 - 9:30 Assessment uses and strategies discussion in the media center - all certified staff

Jan 5th - Leadership Team Meeting

Jan 6th - PRIDE for 3rd-5th

Jan 11th - We will have a video crew doing some promotional videos (just fyi), new teacher mtg, House meetings

Jan 12th - leadership 7:30 data dig

Jan 13th - lockdown drill, Dr. Bearden here - NO JEANS

Jan 14th - We will have visitors in the building observing

Jan 18th - no school

Jan 19th - Blue Bear Awards K-2

Jan 21st - ESOL night

Jan 25th - faculty meeting

Jan 27th - Cheeseburger Bobby's Spirit Night

Jan 29th - PTA mother son event

It's OFFICIAL!!!!! Kim Hobbs is a BLUEBEAR!!! Welcome Kim!!!

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Passion First..... WOW!!!

Jen Bricker