Fun Facts

*Jacob Luckenbach lived in Luckenbach, but Rev. Engle was the one who founded the town

*Jacob Brodbeck, a Luckenbach teacher, invented build and flew the world's first air plane

*Luckenbach's original name was Grape Creek Town

*Willy Nelson is an honorary citizen of Luckenbach

*Luckenbach used to be an Indian trading center

Time line

*1849- Luckenbach was founded by Rev. Engle

*1855- Peter Pehl Deeded 2 acres of land to build the first school

*1879- A steam operated cotton gin and blacksmith shop was built

*1885- The German men's chorus was established

*1886- Wilhelmina Engel officially renames Grape Creek Town to Luckenbach

*1907- Henry R. Frantzen was born, which is the man who composed The Luckenbach Marsch


Hello from Alex, Troy, Zach, and Wyatt. Our researches in Luckenbach are for our gifted and talented group's geocaching project. That's right there's a new geocache in town. If you'd like to attempt to find it, just remember, it's literally right under your nose, or feet that is. If you find the cache please feel free to leave your name on the notepad and where you came from, unless it's Mars. Please leave the cache just like you found it and be respectful. We worked hard on it.