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Prayer Leader's Fellowship Report

"Just as the Father has loved me, I have also loved you; Abide in My love."

John 15:9 NASB

Prayer Leaders Fellowship is a quarterly gathering of identified prayer leaders of local churches and ministries. At our recent Prayer Leaders Fellowship on June 4th, we had a beautiful time of fellowship, worship, prayer, and sharing with each other. Carlo Walth shared on Abiding in Christ! Carlo, a Pastor and director of Mentoring Sacred Arts, shared his testimony on how God met him in a real and personal way bringing him to a deeper relationship with Christ, one of Abiding. Abiding is to remain, to continue in a place, to dwell, to tarry still. This encounter transformed his walk with the Lord.

Shaun Gartman shared an amazing and simple way of learning to listen to the Lord as we focused on a scripture. We wrote it, read it, sang it, spoke it, and prayed it. Ben led us in worship creating an environment that welcomed the sweet presence of the Spirit. The scripture above is the one that we focused on. God met us all in very personal ways! There were tears of joy and love as we listened to some share the testimony of their abiding time with Father God. As we closed with prayer, all were encouraged, refreshed and strengthened!

We look forward to welcoming more congregational prayer leaders into this fellowship and our upcoming times where we will get to know one another better, bringing encouragement, support, inspiration and equipping to one another. Our next gatherings will be on Sept. 10th and Dec. 3rd. If you are reading this and you are the prayer leader of your local church, please contact Mike Brill at and he will send you a form for your pastor to fill out so we can add you to our invitation list.

May God Bless you, as He continues to speak to each one of you in unique and individual ways, as you draw closer in your abiding relationship with Him!


Beth Mulkin and Shaun Gartman

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