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Vietnam is a communist county that has a lot of history including one of the most controversial wars in recent history. Vietnam has some very beautiful landscape including rivers and mountains. Vietnam has about 78,000,000 people and 20% live in the city and 80% in the country. It is the 13th most populated country in the world. They have many religions with Buddhism being very popular. Vietnam has a growing and developing economy. Vietnam exports items such as Coal, Petroleum, Peanuts, Rice, Rubber and Tea. Here in Vietnam you have the opportunity to experience a wonderful culture and friendly people.

Culture, Beauty, and Friendly people. The land of happiness

Geography & Climate

Vietnam is located in South East Asia. It is covered mostly in mountains and hilly ranges. Also they have some deltas and narrow plains. Their rivers are the Red River and the Black River. In Vietnam there is also many lakes and waterfalls. There climate has lots and lots of rain during the monsoon season. They hardly have any the rest of the year, but monsoon season lasts the majority of the year. It is a tropical country. When the rain that they have comes most of the time it is very heavy rain. It is hot or warm there all year round.

People & Culture

In Vietnam they had influence by China, France, the U.S., and Russia. The mostly speak Vietnamese but as a second language they speak French and English. There are about 78,000,000 people in Vietnam 20% live in the city and 80% in the country. It is actually the 13th most populated country in the world. In the city even though there is only 20% of the people there it is still very crowded. There homes are small and most people work 2 jobs.

They have many religions. They have…

1. Buddhism

2. Catholic

3. Animism and lastly is

4. Confucius.

Animism is where you worship spirits. For example they think a river has a spirit. Also they worship their ancestors. They are also for some reason very superstitious.

Confucius is adapting this guy’s ideas. He is the person they listen to and his name was Confucius.

A lot of their free time is spent with music or any kind of arts. For art some things they did were to do was ceramics, silk weaving, and elaborately engraved furniture. In music they really enjoyed classical music, folk, and choir. There were lots of different arts and it was influenced by China. When it came to Vietnam they changed some things about it.

They deafeningly love their family and they are very family oriented. In fact a lot of family’s have 1 house for the whole family including siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. In the country most people are farmers or fisherman. They are very hard working. Their main celebration is Tet which is The Lunar New year. They all get together and exchange gifts. This happens normally during either the end of January or the beginning of February. They also celebrate birthdays but only 2 times in one’s life time. One when they are 1 month as their first birthday and one when they are 1 year old as their second birthday. They wear T-Shirts, long sleeves that can be rolled up, jeans, loose pants, skirts, nonla hats, and nice clothes is a Ao Dai it is a decorated dress with loose pants worn under it. For shoes they either went barefoot or with sandals. They eat lots of rice almost for every meal including breakfast. They do not eat much meat because it is expensive and spoils quickly. In Vietnam turtles and Dragons are important animals.

Vietnam Timeline

3000 - 1000 BC

Some roaming tribes from southern Africa move to an area that is called the Red River Delta. Where many Indonesian people were already living, but all together form the Vietnamese people who lives there today.

207 BC

What today is called Vietnam used to be called Nam - Viet. Also Vietnam is made up of not just Nam - Viet but also what used to be part of southern China.

111 BC

The rulers of China conquer Nam - Viet and it becomes part of the Chinese Empire. China rules over Vietnamese for more than 1000 years. Now Vietnam is heavily influenced by Chinese religions, politics, fine arts, farming etc. Vietnam still has a lot of uniqueness in the country.

1802 A.D.

Prince Nguyen makes the northern and southern and central part of this country come together and he calls it Vietnam. The prince and the emperors built new bridges and castles and restore the old structures.

1827–1883 A.D.

The French launched there first major attack on Vietnam. After being angered by Vietnam's business deals and Catholic missionaries. French then takes control of Vietnam until 1887 when it becomes a French colony. The French introduce Vietnam to the European schooling and their customs. Also they take over their farmlands, their minerals, natural resources, etc.

1940 A.D.

During World War II Japan takes over Vietnam.

1941–1954 A.D.

Ho Chi Minh organizes groups that fight for the independence of Vietnam. France tries to regain control of Vietnam, but Ho Chi Minh leads the Independence movement for Vietnam. Vietnam defeats France, Then Vietnam is divided into two zones the north and the south. The north is ruled by communists and the south is ruled by a republic. Ho Chi Minh was president of Vietnam until 1969.

1959– 1965 A.D.

North Vietnam and South Vietnam had conflict because South Vietnam did not like that North Vietnam was communist and this is the start of Vietnam. The US a got involved trying to stop the spread of communism. Many American soldiers and Vietnamese soldiers died in this war.

1973–1975 A.D.

The Americans don't want to continue the war so they sign an agreement with North Vietnam so the American troops can leave. South Vietnam surrenders to North Vietnam and they came together as a communist leadership.

1995–2007 A.D.

US did not want to trade with Vietnam for a awhile after the war.

After your Timeline, include pictures/drawings of 3 Historical Events.

Government & Citizenship

Vietnam is a socialist republic that is currently in place says that the communist party is involved in everything to do with Government, politics, society, etc. Vietnam has a national assembly that has 498 members with in it. They have a one house legislature that is voted on by the citizens every 5 years. You can vote at the age of 18. The president is elected by parliament for a 5 year term.

Vietnam has a judicial system. They have the Supreme people’s court or SPC. Below the SPC of Vietnam have district and provincial people’s courts, military tribunals, and administrative, economic, and labor courts. Some people think that Vietnam does not have an independent justice system, in part because the Communist Party (VCP) selects judges for political reliability.The education in Vietnam is 12 years of basic education. Higher education is available and most students are enrolled in basic education for ½ days. The government claims equal rights however the government is heavily involved in monitoring things such as religion.


Economy of Vietnam

Vietnam is a developing and planed economy. Their economy will continue to improve. Vietnam is still mostly not free when it comes to the economy, but they are becoming freer with the economy. They deafeningly had some hard times dealing with their economy. They have improved a lot in the past few years, but not just with economy. They have improved a lot with the economy though. In fact since the mid 1980’s they have had very rapid growth. They recently got involved in global economy even.

Vietnam really has grown tremendously in the last few years that have lead to the economy they have now, which continues to grow. They do have mostly small and medium enterprises, but that doesn't mean that they don’t work hard because they are the leading farming exporter. They rely a lot on foreign investment, but I think that kind of works because in 2005 they became the 35th largest economic system in the world. Their money is called Vietnamese dong. They really have improved a lot.


· Coal

· Crude

· Petroleum

· Peanuts

· Rice

· Rubber

· Tea

· Hand crafted bamboo and rattan products


· Garments

· Textiles


· Seafood

· Coal

· Flowers


· Seafood


· Tropical fruit

· Coal

· Nuts

· Boots


· Shoes

· Seafood

· Coffee

· Peppers


· Garments

· Textiles


· Seafood

· Food

South Korea

· Cloth


· Vegetables

· Fruits

· Flowers


· Processed petroleum

· Medicines

· Machinery

· Military supplies

· Vehicles

· Food

Company List


CVS should come to Vietnam. The reason is because it would be helpful for them both. For America because to hire people in Vietnam is cheap labor so that saves them money, plus they would make money off more stores. It would help Vietnam because they are low on medicine so it would able them to accesses more of what they need. I think this is a good idea because it would help both countries.


Wal-Mart should come to Vietnam. The cost of buildings and workers are low. Vietnam does not have many options to get a lot of the kinds of items that Wal-Mart sells. Having a Wal-Mart would be great for the people of Vietnam to access many needed items at a reasonable cost. Wal-Mart could keep their cost low because of lower wages and an overall lower cost of doing business. The location of Vietnam is a huge benefit as well since so many products already come from China which is very close by. This also could help with some food because while they have lots of farming other foods are hard to get to. Wal-Mart provides many different varieties of food.

Ford Motors

Vietnam needs good quality cars that are better for the environment. Ford would benefit by selling low cost low emission small cars. This would benefit Vietnam and help with the pollution. Ford would be able to profit from the growing economy in Vietnam. This would also provide jobs for the local people and help teach them new skills. This could help Vietnam by having more options of cars to buy. America also would be able to save money by cheap labor and not only that but also the more places they have to sell cars = the more cars sold = the more money Ford makes.


Vietnam does not have a lot of access to good quality American food. Many people in Vietnam would love the opportunity to have different types of food. Chic-Fila would benefit by having a low cost alternative because wages and rent are cheaper. This would be a high profit opportunity for Chic Fila. This would also be great for Vietnam because it would employee local people and give the opportunity to be more diverse with their dining options.


Apple should consider moving some buildings to Vietnam. Vietnam has many educated people and Apple could consider setting up distribution and manufacturing. The location is good for Apple and the cost of doing business is low. This would be a great opportunity for Vietnam to employ many people and teach them new skills. The employment will boost the economy and ultimately create new jobs.